BF by Beatriz Furest is authenticity, tradition and craftmanship. Classics that surprise by the contemporaneity that characterizes them.
Catalan architecture, Italian leather and family tradition come together in Beatriz Furest. A brand that captures the essence of Barcelona's cool Street Style and brings an authentic point of view of the current, personal and timeless fashion.

The brand begins in 1996 by the hand of Beatriz Furest, niece of the historic fashion house Furest. Ten years later, her sister Carlota joins the project and together they start betting on the passion for design, fashion and art that surrounded them in their childhood.


The designs of Beatriz Furest prioritize the quality of the pieces, each of them designed and made in the best factories in Barcelona, with the care and dedication of expert craftsmen and with the highest quality Italian leathers.

We create our collections in an ethical, demanding and competent manner, with the peace of mind that we have professionals who share our taste for well done things.
"Leather is like a faithful friend; it grows old with you and never loses its charm".
Beatriz Furest


We always use lamb and/or cow skin, and we create our products from a completely handmade manufacturing process. Using high quality materials guarantees durable pieces that allow us to enjoy a timeless design.

In addition to betting on national production, we work to avoid any excess waste during the production process. We believe in recycling and we participate proactively in the use of natural resources to reduce the environmental impact. We use exclusively recycled skins from the food industry and following a natural dyeing process.