We are committed to quality and things well made.

Beatriz Furest is the soul of the clothing, bags and accessories brand that has created style since its beginnings in 1999, founded by her sister Carlota. With very clear ideas, he knows how to combine the experience of family tradition with new trends in his designs.


Her predilection for “seeing how the modern stands out among the most classic” has led her to experiment with different shapes, patterns, leathers and color combinations. This is how a unique style is born that reinvents itself every season without ever losing its essence.

The highest quality raw materials with a handmade finish and local manufacturing do the rest to position this 100% Barcelona brand as a brand with its own personality.

They currently have 8 of their own stores, 4 in Barcelona and the rest between Bilbao, Madrid, Málaga and San Sebastián; as well as different carefully selected points of sale distributed throughout the world.

Designed in Barcelona and 100% MADE IN SPAIN.


At Beatriz Furest all the garments are produced in Spain, in local workshops, which allows us to have total control of each of the garments we make. Textile production comes from Catalonia and footwear production from Alicante, with the guarantee of the experience and specialization that each region offers.


We are very aware of the importance of the environment, which is why we use natural dyes and recycled leathers from the food industry, and we work to avoid any excess waste.

Our 100% national production allows us to reduce our carbon footprint and support the development of local industry. We ensure the best quality and use of resources, through manual and careful processes. Our suppliers and manufacturers have been with us throughout all these years, forming bonds of trust and commitment.


Our timeless vision of fashion invites more sustainable consumption. Each season we continue to incorporate new 100% natural materials, such as merino wool, combining the beauty of design with the excellence of materiality and manufacturing. Beatriz Furest is characterized by its versatility, quality and durability, allowing you to make the most of the garments.


At BF we encourage fair work, equality and respect in all areas of our work team.

We seek to form solid bonds of trust with our suppliers, producers and employees, in a pleasant work environment and always encouraging new opportunities for development and growth within our team.